How It All started

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Street gambling has quite a history, after all, gambling began as a normal way of having fun before restrictions were implemented on it. In essence, street gambling existed long before casinos and online casinos popped up and strict regulations were placed everywhere. Despite this, street gambling has remained a popular part of our culture.

Gambling has actually existed far longer than any living human knows. Evidence has arisen that street gambling games were played by cultures across the world, from the ancient Romans to Native American colonies on a whole different continent. In fact, there has been some evidence of street gambling in just about every known civilization that has ever existed.


Street Gambling In America

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Fast forward a few centuries to the time that the modern world began to form. Street gambling in the United States first started with the original colonies that came to America. They used it as a distraction, as there wasn’t much else to do. However, even during this time there were some colonies that disregarded gambling and made it illegal to even own nice.

The English who came to America adopted many cultures from their mother country, which included gambling. On the other hand, the Puritans who came often wanted to abandon all culture from their homeland, and wanted nothing to do with gambling. For this reason, many colonies weren’t allowed to gamble, while others had little or no regulation on it.

As the country moved west, gambling grew in popularity. One of the biggest boosts to street gambling came up during the time of the California Gold Rush. It wasn’t just money that was gambled during this time, but people would often gamble chunks of gold or just gold dust in general.

This is also the time that strict regulations began to form on gambling. Gambling had become filled with corruption as everyone had a gleam in their eye to get as much money as possible. While legislature put many bans on all of gambling, their main focus was on professionals and game runners who would scam people by cheating the stakes.

Gambling Legally

Las Vegas’ FlamingoThe next big jump in gambling popularity wouldn’t occur until the Great Depression. Due to the state of the economy, many areas lifted restrictions on illegal street gambling in an effort to help stimulate the economy and get money moving. As for the people that were gambling, many were desperate to win cash to get their family through the recession, and so they would gamble.

This happened during the time that Boulder, now known as the Hoover Dam, was to be completed. Nevada expected a large incline in tourism as a result, and so they legalized gambling. This started a huge rise in popularity of gambling in the area and would later lead to Las Vegas being created as a result of the spike. However, like many areas of gambling were at the time, Nevada casinos were heavily influenced by organized groups of mobsters.

royalace-casino-bannerThe most notable of which was the Las Vegas’ Flamingo, which was opened by Bugsy Siegel. Although he had a very large criminal history, he was able to get a license nevertheless. These days, even a hint of illegal activity would result in a denial of a license to open up a casino, if you even met the requirements to apply in the first place.

Due to all of the corruption in gambling again, many restrictions were reinstated and gambling in all forms was pretty much illegal. Many people continued to gamble anyways, despite the restrictions that were being implemented. There was very little action that actually took place to stop gambling, and so people didn’t feel a need to quit.


Today, street gambling has remained in our culture, not only as a way of winning money, but to enjoy the thrill of gambling without dealing with greedy businesses. It provides more of a thrill and is held in a much more laid back setting, often making street gambling a much more enjoyable game. As with our modern technology, people are able to gamble without even leaving their own home, as they can use online gambling websites to win big. This has forever changed the gambling world.