william-hill-pokerBefore you can even consider playing street games, it’s important that you become familiar with some of them. This way, you can already have some familiarity with the game before you begin betting money with it. Having a better understanding will give you a better chance of winning and will require less explaining later on. We will explain online gambling for the Canadian market  as well as the games you will encounter. Here are some of the games you may come across:

Street Dice Shooter

street_diceStreet Dice Shooter is a game is pretty much the street version of craps. There are two types of bets that you can place, you can either “pass” or “don’t pass.” Basically, this is you guessing a roll of the dice. Betting “pass” means that you think the shooter will be able to roll a point, while “don’t pass” means that you don’t think he can.

Once all bets are completed, the shooter will roll the dice. If the shooter rolls either a seven or an 11, everyone that said “pass” will win the bet. If he rolls either a two, three, or 12, everyone that said “don’t pass” will win the bet. If any other number is rolled, that becomes the “point number” that the shooter must try and roll again. Two dice are used to play this game.


pontoonThis game, also known as 21, is one of the simplest and fastest games. Pontoon is  is a card game with a goal of trying to get a hand as close to the number 21 as possible. After bets are made, each player will be dealt two cards. If they want to try and get closer to 21 than their cards currently allow them, they can ask for another card. If they go over 21, they “bust” and lose the game.

This game is won by the player who manages to get the closest to 21. Cards such as Kings, Queens, Jokers, and Jacks count as 10 points. The ace can also be counted as a one if the holder chooses, which can be useful to prevent yourself from going over 21 or getting much closer by counting it as a 10.

Three Card Monte

Three Card MonteIf you ever see this game being played, you should become suspicious right away. Three card monte is one of the most popular scam street gambling games out there. However, some people use this as a legitimate game and it can actually be fun to play when done properly. This game is played with three cards that are played face down.

Intertops CasinoThese cards are typically the jack of spades and the jack of clubs. The third card will either be a red queen card, or sometimes even the ace of spades since it is seen as a lucky card. The goal of the card holder is to mix up the cards and confuse the person watching, making it very difficult to guess which card is the money card. The better will then have to choose which card they believe is the money card.

slots-plus-casinoIf guessed correctly, they win the bet. If wrong, they lose. There are some signs that you should look for to tell if it’s a legit game or a scam. Scammers will often have a person there who can’t seem to win but keeps trying, as well as another person who will push you into playing. Also, if the game seems too easy at first, it is. Back out immediately and take your money to another game. You can find lots of other games on https://www.casinosonline-canada.ca/